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"ASPE provides the keys to education, fellowship and professional development among estimators and those who seek excellence in the construction industry..."

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Continuing our education is one way we can keep up with advances in estimating and construction techniques. The American Society of Professional Estimators (ASPE) encourages a wide range of educational activities that provide learning experiences for estimators at all experience levels.

Chapter Meetings: As professionals, we are constantly seeking to improve our knowledge of estimating and the construction industry. Chapter meetings include educational talks and mini-seminars on estimating and other construction related topics.

Seminars: Chapters often hold seminars that provide educational benefits for members and non-members alike. These range from two-hour meetings to two-day seminars addressing a wide variety of construction and estimating topics.

Annual Convention: Our annual convention provides two days of presentations by nationally known speakers in the construction industry. An ASPE committee prepares a comprehensive book of papers provided by speakers for each person attending the educational sessions.

Higher Education: ASPE members are involved in teaching, sponsoring and providing input for estimating courses in certified bachelor's and master's degree programs at colleges and universities throughout the United States.

Scholarships: The ASPE provides a scholarship fund to encourage young people to seek an education in construction-related fields. Many of the chapters provide scholarships as well.


ASPE members believe that adherence to ethical business practices will result in greater success in the long run. Many a contractor has risen to prominence only to have unethical business practices cause his or her failure a few years later.

ASPE has developed a code of ethics to guide members in their dealings with others. Ethical practices are discussed at local chapter and regional meetings, in newsletters and magazines, and at our annual convention. An ASPE representative recently appeared on a PBS broadcast that focused on business ethics.


A primary ASPE goal is to define and publish estimating standards that will produce reliable estimates in a format recognized throughout the construction industry. While others publish unit price guides, ASPE’s Standard Estimating Practice provides the "how to" in professional estimating for all sixteen CSI divisions.

These standards provide the guidence needed in estimate preparation. However, they also provide industry standards, which are the basis for certification, written by ASPE members in the language of estimators.


In the 1970s and 80s, chapter and national committees combined their efforts to develop a system for evaluating the capabilities of construction estimators. A program for testing and certification was initiated. This program includes mandatory attendance at an educational workshop, writing an acceptable technical paper, successful completion of written examinations, and participation in the ongoing certification program. ASPE certification has been hailed by the construction industry as a whole, and judged to be timely and beneficial by several international construction publications.


Chapter, regional, and national meetings give estimators the opportunity to share information, exchange ideas and learn about innovative techniques. Monthly chapter meetings feature guest speakers on topics of interest to those of each chapter. Serving as chapter officers or on chapter committees provides additional opportunities to learn and serve the profession. Chapter meetings also provide a forum to meet and discuss common problems with competitors and business associates.


Fellowship. Education. Ethics. Standards. Certification. Recognition. Success.

You can get the professional recognition and support you require as a construction estimator by joining with those in your industry who share your goals and feel the same committment as you toward your profession. Join ASPE.

A little history:The American Society of Professional Estimators began in 1956. What started with fewer than 20 members in the Los Angeles area then, now boasts thousands of members in chapters all over the country. ASPE was created with dedication and commitment to the idea of providing its members with tangible benefits:

A professional society which promotes the highest standards and ethics in the practice of construction estimating.

Continuing education through seminars and lectures on construction-related topics. Our magazine, Estimating Today, and localchapternewsletters carry technical, industry-related and other pertinent articles for the professional estimator.

An opportunity to become recognized as a Certified Professional Estimator (CPE) through the completion of our training and testing program.

A means of personally communicating with fellow professionals on a monthly and annual basis, providing an opportunity to exchange information and gain professional recognition for yourself and your company.

ASPE Code of Ethics

Basic Canons

Canon #1 - Professional estimators shall perform services in areas of their discipline and competence.

Canon #2 - Professional estimators shall continue to expand their professional capabilities through continuing education programs to better enable them to serve clients, employers and the industry.

Canon #3 - Professional estimators shall conduct themselves in a manner, which will promote cooperation and good relations among members of our profession and those directly related to our profession.

Canon #4 - Professional estimators shall safeguard and keep in confidence all knowledge of the business affairs and technical procedures of an employer or client.

Canon #5 - Professional estimators shall conduct themselves with integrity as all times and not knowingly or willingly enter into agreements that violate the laws of the United States of America or of the states in which they practice. They shall establish guidelines for setting forth prices and receiving quotations that are fair and equitable to all parties.

Canon #6 - Professional estimators shall utilize their education, years of experience and acquired skills in the preparation of each estimate or assignment with full commitment to make each estimate or assignment as detailed and accurate as their talents and abilities allow.

Canon #7 - Professional estimators shall not engage in the practice of "bid peddling" as defined by this code. This is a breach of moral and ethical standards, and a member of this society shall not enter into this practice.

Canon #8 - Professional estimators and those in training to be estimators shall not enter into any agreement that may be considered acts of collusion or conspiracy (bid rigging) with the implied or express purpose of defrauding clients. Acts of this type are in direct violation of the Code of Ethics of the American Society of Professional Estimators.

Canon #9 - Professional estimators and those in training to be estimators shall not participate in acts, such as the giving or receiving of gifts, that are intended to be or may be construed as being unlawful acts of bribery.